As Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church of Dallas, TX, embarked on our Lenten journey, we were not just exploring the theme of forgiveness; we’re set a goal of transforming it into a tangible force for good that can truly change lives.

Right here in our community, countless individuals are weighed down by the crushing burden of medical debt, struggling under its weight. Every day, 1 in 2 Americans face the gut-wrenching choice between paying medical bills and covering basic needs. Shockingly, nearly 50% of U.S. adults have delayed or skipped medical care due to its exorbitant cost, and 50% would be unable to afford an unexpected $500 bill. To compound matters, 2/3 of bankruptcies cite medical debt as a leading cause.

But we have the power to offer real relief. And here’s the incredible part: for every dollar you donate, $100 of medical debt is wiped away! Just imagine the profound impact even a small contribution can make. With just a little, we can do so much, lifting the weight of medical debt and granting someone a fresh start and renewed hope.

If you feel called to join us in this vital mission, the process couldn’t be simpler: make a donation or share our campaign page. Remember, it’s not about the dollar amount; as we’ve emphasized, even a little goes a long way.

Throughout the past 6 Sundays of Lent, we collected contributions for Medical Debt Forgiveness. Every contribution, no matter the size, was invaluable in launching this online campaign. Now, we are excited to announce the opening of the challenge for a second 40-day phase. But the growth and success of this initiative depends on you. Spread the word, share this page with others, and together, let’s magnify the impact of our collective generosity. Your support can truly make a difference in the lives of those burdened by medical debt.

Let’s not merely talk about forgiveness; let’s demonstrate its power in action. Together, let’s make a tangible difference in our community. Your generosity and compassion are deeply appreciated. Thank you for standing with us in this crucial endeavor.