St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church of Washington, DC invites you to join us in eradicating over $1 million in eligible medical debts in the District of Columbia and Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties in Maryland. Medical debt adversely and disproportionately impacts people of color. By raising at least $20,000, we can relieve those debts for our neighbors in need, freeing them from the financial and emotional hardships that accompany massive, unpaid medical bills. Together, we can help improve the health and well-being of our neighbors.  

Working with Undue

Undue Medical Debt uses your donations to purchase bundled medical debt portfolios from medical providers and on the secondary debt market and then abolishes that debt at pennies on the dollar. 

On average, $1 is leveraged to abolish $100 in medical debt, and donations through our page will be spent directly on abolishing medical debt in the Washington, DC area.

When debt is abolished, Undue mails recipients to tell them that their debt has been bought by a third party and erased with no strings attached. They owe nothing on the debt and face no tax penalty. 

To learn more about St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, please visit www.stmargaretsdc.org