The SparkPittsburgh Initiative is dedicated to uniting individuals and organizations in a collaborative effort to transform healthcare in Western Pennsylvania and beyond. We are bold enough to believe we can change healthcare here and across America. However, we are humble enough to know we can not do so alone.

Our inspiration comes from Harris Rosen of Rosen Hotels, who revolutionized healthcare for his employees through the creation of RosenCare. This employer-sponsored healthcare program has saved over $500 million while delivering high-quality care. Rosen’s visionary use of these savings extended beyond his company, helping to transform the Tangelo Park community in Orlando, FL.

Building on the success of the Spark Pittsburgh Fit City Challenge, we are excited to launch the SparkPittsburgh Initiative. By reinvesting a portion of our stakeholders’ healthcare savings, we aim to fund innovative solutions that address community issues and enhance the current care delivery system. Our goal is for companies to use these savings to benefit their employees and create a positive impact in the community.

To this end, we are partnering with Undue Medical Debt, a remarkable organization tackling the pressing issue of personal medical debt. Our fundraising campaign will culminate with the annual Fit City Challenge from September 1st to 30th, celebrating our collective achievements in economic prosperity and overall well-being.

Starting in Western Pennsylvania and expanding to other cities, the SparkPittsburgh Initiative and SparkAmerica will become a platform for sustainable support and positive, disruptive innovation worldwide.

Join us in being a catalyst for change. Through the SparkPittsburgh Initiative and SparkAmerica, we are committed to the unburdening of medical debt for individuals and families. Every dollar of medical debt we help abolish represents not just immediate economic relief, but a step towards mental peace for those affected, fostering greater financial stability in our community. Together, let’s work towards a future where no one is held back by medical debt, supporting broader efforts to ensure health and prosperity are accessible to all.

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