The Problem

In the past forty years, medical costs have doubled, insurance copays and deductibles have spiked, and bankruptcy rates have quadrupled, creating an avalanche of medical debt. Over 60% of bankruptcies in America have medical debt as a root cause.

The situation is especially dire in Utah. U.S. court data shows Utah has the highest bankruptcy rate in the Western U.S.

One unexpected trip to the hospital can leave someone thousands of dollars in debt, even if they have insurance. People from Utah are used to working hard—there’s a reason it’s called the Beehive State— but medical debt can lead to working nights and weekends just to keep up with interest payments. Instead of enjoying life in Utah, relaxing in Flaming Gorge, or exploring surreal Arches National Park, debtors find themselves stressing about their debt, negatively impacting their mental health.

How You Can Help

Undue Medical Debt uses your donations to purchase bundled medical debt portfolios from hospitals and occasionally on the secondary debt market. Then, Undue clears the debt for pennies on the dollar. On average, $1 is leveraged to abolish $100 in medical debt, and every donation through this page will be spent directly on abolishing medical debt in Utah.

There’s another reason Utah is the Beehive State: the spirit of cooperation that ties Utahns together. The people of Utah have always supported each other, and Undue Medical Debt can multiply the power of that support by 100x. 

When debt relief recipients open the envelope from Undue, they are told that their debt has been bought by a third party and erased with no strings attached. They owe nothing on the debt and face no tax penalty. A recent beneficiary wrote to us, saying:

“I read my letter over a few times to make sure it was the real thing. Receiving this debt relief renewed my faith that I can get back on track. It jump-started it – that we can do this – I can get back in the game! It’s unheard of what Undue does, and it’s a game changer in the medical world. It’s a game changer for me.” 

— Reagan, Undue Medical Debt Recipient of Debt Relief

Every dollar you contribute is a $100 investment in Utahn towns and cities. Money will stay in the community instead of being taken by out-of-state debt collectors. On average, $20.86 can abolish the medical debt of an entire family in Utah, allowing them to invest in a home, schooling, or retirement.