Partnerships in Action — Undue Medical Debt
We have a new name — RIP Medical Debt is now Undue Medical Debt.
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We strive to improve community health and economic well-being by collectively addressing system-wide issues that contribute to medical debt.

To expand our impact we are exploring a wide range of community partners to help elevate the issue of medical debt, and identify potential solutions.

Making this vision a reality requires patients and community members, community leaders and partners, hospitals and healthcare providers and policymakers to come together to mitigate the harms of medical debt.

$280.3 M

in medical debt relieved for 158,541 Cook County residents through our local government partnership.

100 Day

research lab to understand issues impacting residents of Muskegon. Led by Access Health and Undue.


hospitals and physician practices have partnered with us to date.

Government Partnerships

Learn about our unique approach to partnering with local governments to strategically eliminate medical debt.

Provider Partnerships

Our work with hospitals and providers varies; let’s find the next steps for your staff or leadership that will make the most impact for your patients.