The Medical Debt Relief Alliance — Undue Medical Debt
We have a new name — RIP Medical Debt is now Undue Medical Debt.
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As the nightmare of medical care delivery and billing in the US grows increasingly difficult to navigate, patients are left with bills outstripping years of their hard-earned income – and even the insured are not immune. Now—more than ever—we are calling allies like you to join the fight.

The Medical Debt Relief Alliance (MDRA) is a group of monthly donors who have had enough with the exploitative nature of medical billing in the United States.

Each month, members make a donation, determined by their own budget, that:

  1. Relieves medical debt for families across the nation.
  2. Invests in the critical infrastructure necessary to abolish vast amounts of medical debt.
  3. Elevates awareness of the medical debt crisis nationwide.

Our members believe that we, the people, deserve to receive medical attention without suffering financial ruin and social stigma.

The financial and emotional impact of the Medical Debt Relief Alliance is stated best by program beneficiaries and other monthly donors:

By joining the Medical Debt Relief Alliance, you help thousands of people win their private battles with patient billing while also investing in Undue’s capacity to win the broader war against the increasingly unreasonable cost of medical care.