Join us for our 3rd Annual Debt Relief Campaign!

FORTY DAYS TO FORGIVE— 2024:   It’s a time of renewed hope as we approach spring, fervently wishing it arrives early.  Due to the efforts of St. Pius, First Lutheran, and friends, we raised slightly over $10,000.  Remember how every dollar generated, on average, relieves $100 of medical debt?  Last year’s Forty Days To Forgive 2023 relieved OVER $1,782,000.00.   That is slightly under $2 million dollars in medical debt—in ILLINOIS alone—that was forgiven. 

We made a difference for our brothers and sisters…and can do that again this year.  

We commit to Forty Days To Forgive 2024 and ask that you join us in raising donations for R.I.P. Medical  The 40 Days begin Wednesday February 14, 2024 running thru Easter Sunday.   Even a donation of $1 makes a big difference.  Simply mark your donation with the campaign name Forty Days To Forgive 2024.  Please make checks payable to Undue Medical Debt.

Together, we can do this.