Yalies Show Your Love!!

Help us raise $43,000 so we can abolish $4.9M in medical debt for 4,145 New Haven families*!

Calling all Yalies! As we approach Reunions, a group of Yalies have partnered with Undue Medical Debt to raise funds and eliminate as much medical debt in Greater New Haven as possible. Share this opportunity to do good with all of your Yale friends and celebrate together when you meet next in New Haven!!

Medical debt is an American injustice. It plagues the insured and the uninsured, it prevents millions from achieving financial stability, and it subjects them to emotional anguish and unhealthy stress. Medical debt retirement is one of the most efficient forms of philanthropy with returns of over $100 to every $1 donated. It is increasingly getting positive press attention.

In honor of our friendships, our time spent in New Haven and for many of us, our longstanding ties with the city we called home for our formative college years, we want to show New Haven our LOVE.

Dedicate your gift to someone you love! Dedicate it to someone you love from Yale!!! 

This campaign will abolish debt for individuals in New Haven County who meet at least one of the two criteria below:

  1. Income equal to or less than 4 times the federal poverty level (varies by family size)
  2. Medical debts that are 5% or more of annual income

Campaign results are to be announced in New Haven at the Yale College Class of 1994 30th Reunion in 2024.

To make your gift now, click the donate button above!

Click the links below to see if your employer will match your gift:

*Kindly note that all of the figures are subject to some fluctuation.* 

More Info:

The debt is a mix of provider and secondary debt market debt. 

Your donation is 100% restricted to debt relief (and is 100% tax deductible).

Just indicate on the form that you would like the matching funds designated to Members of the Yale College Class of 1994 Campaign.

Some examples for relief qualifications:

1. Under the 4 times federal poverty level rule: If the federal poverty level for a single person household is $13,500, Undue will retire debt for individuals who make $54,000 or less.

1a. And if the tax filings are for a joint household with 2 dependents you’re using the poverty level for a household of four, etc.

2. And under the 5% rule, if you make $60,000/year and your debt is $3,000 or more then you qualify for relief with Undue.